In June of this year I was honored to join with accomplished business leaders Tony Ressler and Michael Arougheti in standing up and launching The Promise Homes Company, now headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The Promise Homes Company is today the largest minority controlled, institutional quality owner of rental single family residential real estate in the country. Our first acquisition of homes occurred in June, 2017, from Invitation Homes of Dallas and included more than 200 homes in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Promise Homes Company has embraced a unique business model for the communities it serves, which includes treating our renters as residents, free financial literacy counseling for Promise Homes residents, maintenance contracts and other job opportunities for minority small businesses and individuals in the local communities we serve and invest in, and opportunities for some residents in good standing to become homeowners over time.

The Promise Homes Company is managed and run day-to-day by trusted friend, colleague and accomplished investment professional Jason Stewart, who serves and COO and Chief Investment Officer for the company.

Please explore more about The Promise Homes Company at our website and on Facebook.

More to come. For now, we hope you enjoy our new Introductory Video above.

John Hope Bryant

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