Operation HOPE joins the nation in sending thoughts and prayers to the thousands of individuals in coastal Texas impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. At present, five fatalities have been reported by The National Weather Service, and over a dozen injuries have been reported. Declared a major disaster by the federal government, officials report that the area faces catastrophic flooding as the storm continues inland. Individuals, families and small businesses throughout the area will struggle to recover in the coming days, weeks, and months.

HOPE Coalition America (HCA) is America’s first line of response for financial recovery. While FEMA and the American Red Cross address health, safety, and infrastructure problems, HCA focuses its efforts on financial recovery. Financial issues affect far more people after a disaster than property damage or personal injury. Working through the local disaster recovery centers, the HCA team guides, counsels and assists disaster victims in solving the financial issues they face as a result of the disaster. HCA counselors provide the following services:

– FEMA applications and appeals

– Homeowner and renter insurance claims and appeals

– Disaster recovery budgeting

– Small business recovery; SBA applications and appeals

– Replacing lost or destroyed documents

– Negotiating and working with creditors

– Managing mortgage payments on damaged/destroyed homes

– Foreclosure prevention

– Home inspections and repair contracts

“HOPE Coalition America will get in front of this recovery by helping individuals, families, and businesses navigate the financial impacts associated with a disaster of this magnitude,” said John Hope Bryant, founder, chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE. “Our work will ensure that those affected are empowered to recover and rebuild with dignity.”

Individuals impacted by Hurricane Harvey are encouraged to call 1-888-3888-HOPE (4673) to access free financial services.

Contributions to the HOPE Disaster Fund allow HOPE Coalition America to respond immediately to disasters like this and provide free financial recovery services to those in need. We are grateful to CoreLogic and their recent $250,000 contribution to the Fund, which allows us to provide our services immediately and at no cost.

Please consider donating to support the response efforts of HOPE Coalition America  — your donations are tax deductible contributions to the HOPE Disaster Fund.

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