I began this journey of the Facebook Live Series a year and a half ago, and I really had no idea how substantial the impact would really be. Now, I truly understand the generational power of social media.

The Facebook Page dedicated to my personal thought leadership and the on-the-ground work of Operation HOPE literally took off (thank you Roland Martin, for the inspiration), and has grown from a couple hundred Likes and Followers to more than 400K today. And the Public Page is growing at more than 10K Followers every week, consistently.

The Facebook John Hope Bryant ‘Straight Talk’ Silver Rights Series is now an official part of the larger Operation HOPE story, and John Hope Bryant narrative, and has allowed me and our movement to reach and talk to so many here and across the world — that we would not be able to access or interact with otherwise. More so, countless individuals are now streaming into our ever growing network of HOPE Inside offices for Operation HOPE, and lives are being changed because of it.

The entire ‘Straight Talk’ Series has enjoyed more than 38M views since the launch of the platform, with two dozen videos recording 1M views or more. One video is well over 5M views to date. And the platform is still growing, evolving and refining.

This movement is real. Thank each and everyone of you for playing a part in it, supporting it, engaging in it, resourcing it — and telling others to utilize our relevant and necessary services. Financial literacy is no longer a nice to have — it is a must do. Financial literacy is the civil rights issue of and for the 21st century. I and we call it Silver Rights.

Sign on to Like and Follow the Facebook Live Series here. And of course, let me know what you think.

Blessings, and let’s go..

John Hope Bryant

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