The thing that keeps me going are first and foremost, the client impacts of and around our work.  Secondarily, our partner and community impacts. With this Blog piece, I am proud to announce that Operation HOPE has helped to create more than 11,000 homeowners from underserved neighborhoods. With this impact number, we have also directed more than $1 Billion for new prime mortgage lending (new prime investments) from our partners in and for the underserved communities we serve.  This is direct consumer and community impact.

The Homebuyers Program, a core focus of HOPE Inside Adult programming, is designed to empower individuals and families for whom homeownership would be difficult, if not impossible. Clients are supported through the process by HUD-certified financial wellbeing coaches from start to end—addressing typical barriers like high debt, poor FICO scores, and lack of down payment; and gaining access to tools and resources to fund their purchase.

The HOPE Inside Network now numbers 86 open locations over the past two years, and should be over 100 HOPE Inside locations open by the end of summer.  We have commitments for more than 400 HOPE Inside location commitments to date, in route to our goal of 1,000 HOPE Inside locations tied to the unfinished work of President Abraham Lincoln’s Freedman’s Bank.

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The Operation HOPE movement is real. Let’s go.

John Hope Bryant

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