I am touched and honored that more than 30M viewers have tuned in to watch the ongoing John Hope Bryant Facebook Live Video Series at John Hope Bryant Live on Facebook, since its launch in March, 2016.  There are now more than a dozen individual videos over 1M views each, and two videos at more than 3.5M views each. With this comes countless live video content ‘shares’ and comments —- most of which are actually thoughtful, thought provoking, and mission-affirming for and around the importance of our work at Operation HOPE.

John Hope Bryant Live on Facebook, my Public Figures Page, has garnered more than 275K ‘Likes’ and ‘Follows,’ and the page is growing by more than 10,000 Followers per week.

This (Silver Rights) Movement is real. Please tune in, share and tell a friend to do the same.  History never feels historic when you are sitting in it, it simply feels like another day. Follow here.

Onward, with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant



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