JHB profile photoHumbled and pleased to report that more than 26 million viewers have tuned into the John Hope Bryant ‘Straight Talk’ Silver Rights Video Series on Facebook Live over the past year (the series was launched in March, 2016).

Season 2 has kicked off strong, and the coming week will feature countless quick interviews and outtakes with leaders and luminaries who are gathering together at the 2017 HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting of and for Operation HOPE in Atlanta, Georgia.

Season 2 will continue the weekly and sometimes daily content around Silver Rights, our Series on Women Empowerment, the Freedman’s Bank Series, the What I’m Building Series, the Your Best Life Series, and will include special and fun ‘Pop Up’ Series (unscheduled sessions), and a big series around the coming book — THE MEMO: 5 Rules for Your Economic Liberation.

If you have not checked in on the series, this is a good time to start — as we ‘lean in’ into an amazing, action packed Annual Meeting coming up next week. Please Like and Follow the John Hope Bryant Live public page, and get your friends to do the same!  220,000 Likes and Followers within a short year and climbing!

Help us to life up a new movement — benefiting all people. A new Silver Rights Movement.

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant


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