Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, Operation HOPE CEO John Hope Bryant Issue Statement on A Generation of BUILDERS.

Since 2011, the joint mission of Gallup and Operation HOPE has been to unleash the economic energy of America’s youth. We wanted to learn if the nearly 30 million American students in middle school and high school possess a spirit of free enterprise. We looked everywhere and could not find a single behavioral economic nor predictive analytic on the financial literacy of youth related to business and banking.

So we created one.

In the 2016 Gallup-HOPE Index, you will find answers to the most important questions for our nation’s future: Is America’s youth financially literate enough to solve the country’s economic and jobs problems? Do young people possess the spirit of free enterprise? Are students getting the opportunity to match their aspirations with the experience they need to boom America’s economy?

Read the complete and original story on our most powerful findings here at Gallup

Jim Clifton is Chairman and CEO at Gallup, and author of the Coming Jobs War

John Hope Bryant is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE and author of How the Poor Can Save Capitalism.

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