I was honored to appear on the Joy Reid Show, ‘AM Joy’ this morning — unpacking the untold story and history of the Freedman’s Bank, and sharing our vision for what comes next.  From Civil Rights to Silver Rights.  From the Invisible Class to the Opportuntiy Class. From a nation depressed, to a generation of BUILDERS.  

Goal: 1,000 HOPE Inside locations by year 2020, as part of Operation HOPE’s Project 5117. The ‘Starbucks of Financial Inclusion.’   Currently we have orders for more than 400 locations, in bank branches, grocery stories, big box retailers, houses of faith, city halls — and most everywhere people ‘flock, stop and shop.’

Operation HOPE is finishing the unfinished work of President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass of 1865 with the Freedman’s Bank, and 100 years later, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Andrew Young and the ‘Poor People’s Campaign’ of 1968.

Onward, with HOPE. Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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