Berrett-Koehler Publishers and I have agreed to publisher my next book, entitled THE MEMO: Five Rules For Your Economic Liberation, due out in the Fall of 2017.  THE MEMO is my most important book yet, and is the 4th book in a series where I lay out my vision for a nation and a world on reset.

THE MEMO is about all of the things that no one ever told you; how money, power and aspiration really work in our world.  It is ‘what we don’t know that we don’t know that is killing us. But we think we know.’  This book unpacks the mysteries of why some people succeed beyond reason, and equally important, why others do not; and then what you and I can do about it.

THE MEMO focuses on 5 Rules for Your Economic Liberation, namely:

1. You Live in a Free Enterprise System — Embrace This.  Stop fighting it, and master it instead.

2. Your Mindset Makes or Loses Money and Wealth — You Choose.

3. Your Relationships Are Investments — Build Relationship Capital With Yourself First.

4. Don’t Just Get A Job, Create One — Be Entrepreneurial. You ARE Capital.

5. Spiritual Capital Is The Start of True Wealth — Own Your Own Power.

I wrote this book, not to be a ‘good book,’ but to be transformational in and for people’s lives. I wanted this book to make the reader step back from life, and to take a fresh and new look at the broad and vast world around them.  And then to start making some transformational changes in their lives — benefiting themselves!  As I said when I look around my community growing up in Compton, California of my youth, I wanted to ‘unpack the mystery of power and position in the world, and to repack it with poor people in mind.’


I wrote this book so that the vast majority of the working class, struggling class, even middle class people in our world had a rational plan forward. A rational, practical and achievable plan for success in their lives.  My goal is nothing short of ‘delivering the Memo’ to a new generation of builders and leaders.

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