After logging a 1:40 lap my first time out at Road Atlanta in the 2017 Ford Shelby GT350R, I am now convinced that the car can easily get into the mid 30’s on lap time.

I left so much time on the track simply as a result of a than accurate compression of braking zone than I believe that I can pick up 2-3 seconds in the braking zones alone.  I also believe that I can pick up 1-2 seconds combined in the straight aways.  That would place me in the 1:35-138 zone, which would be very impressive for a car of this size and profile, effectively on performance street tires.

Most of all, I am proud that this car is built by an American car company.  The Ford Motor Company and its Ford Performance unit is, in my opinion, the only current automobile manufacturer that could today compete with European supercar manufacturers.

Ford Shelby GT350R at Road Atlanta

The Ford GT competes wheel to wheel with the new Ferrari 488, and beat Ferrari at the recent LeMans 24 race.

The Ford Shelby GT350R competes wheel to wheel with the Porsche GT3 series, and has beat the GT3 in time trials on American road courses.

The Ford Focus RS is a monster that could give the Global Mazda Miata and a range of other mid horsepower cars a run for their money.

The Ford Fiesta is a drifting dream.

Stay tuned for more from Ford Performance.  Meanwhile, I will keep posting what will become a series of decreasing track times at Road Atlanta and other road courses where I will track the R. Stay tuned.

You can see more photos of the R on track at Road Atlanta with Chin Motorsports here on Facebook.

John Hope Bryant and Bryant Group Motorsports.Ford Shelby GT350R at Road Atlanta Ford Shelby GT350R at Road Atlanta



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