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A special thank you to all who tuned in, watched, paid attention, contributed to the dialogue, engaged in meaningful discussion, shared content you thought was important — and generally helped to shape and launch a new movement; this time online and digital.

Thanks to you, the Silver Rights Movement is real with more than 10M views to date of short, topical, targeted and crisp videos using Facebook Live on my public figures page, John Hope Bryant Live.

A thank you also to the Facebook Team for helping me advance this important mission, as we are now working directly with Facebook as well here, moving forward.

The ‘Straight Talk’ Silver Rights Video Series has created a space and a place, and given a substantive, ongoing, rational and meaningful voice to and for all those who care genuinely about a better world.  It is fast becoming — through comments on specific videos and shares of videos, both of which are now well into the tens of thousands and growing, and the mature and meaningful engagement on the Page itself — a place where people who want to ‘move our lives forward’ can come together.  

They meet, they share thoughts, hopes, dreams, and yes their frustrations too — but at the end of the day they are looking for answers and solutions to the challenges faced in their lives, and in our communities.  And this ~ is a beautiful thing.

JHB in Sweden

And so, a quick ‘thank you,’ to all that helped us to reach this milestone. Now on to the next.  This is Operation HOPE and the Silver Rights Movement online and digital!

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Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant




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