I wanted to stop and thank each and every viewer of the new John Hope Bryant ‘Straight Talk’ Silver Rights Series on Facebook Live, which kicked off in ernest March 2nd, 2016, during a trip I made to Austin, Texas — and where I recorded my very first video.  Since that time, this series of 5 minute to 35 minute video miniatures — featuring mostly me and my message of Silver Rights; talking straight into a camera, live and direct, with no notes, rehearsals or handlers, and taking live questions from around the world — has been a bit of a social media hit.

Photo Credit: Ryan Gibson Photography

As of today, more than 8M+ viewers have logged into the Live Series since March, and the page now has more than 77K Likes as well, up from about 500 in March when all of this started.  We seem to have momentum for and around a new and positive conversation, focused on uplifting and empowering the working class, the working poor, the struggling class and the struggle middle class — or in sum, the Teetering Class; ‘folks with too much month, at the end of their money.’  

These viewers — are the precise target market clients of the global empowerment nonprofit organization I founded immediately following the Rodney King Riots of 1992, Operation HOPE.  This is my way to reach them, to better help them — to set themselves free. The 21st century definition of freedom, is ‘self determination.’

My mission, since May, 1992, when I founded Operation HOPE, was to spark a movement of change, and with it, a sustainable distribution system for hope building.  Or sustainable, transformational change, at scale.  This platform — is one of the ways we will increasingly communicate with, reach and empower our target population(s) in need.  Urban and rural. Black and white.  Rich and poor. Republican and Democrat.  

Our movement is real, and is increasingly touching people where they live (at home), and through the places they are most comfortable getting information (their mobile devises).

This movement will be broadcast — digitally. Tell a friend, and sign up to Like and Subscribe here.

Let’s go.

John Hope Bryant 

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