JHB and the SunTrust teams

Honored to have the SunTrust Bank retail bank branch leadership team to visit the HOPE team along with some of our youth and adult success stories at our HOPE Inside Ebenezer location in Atlanta last week.

JHB and HOPE success stories IMG_3532

A few of the HOPE Small Business and youth HOPE Business In A Box Academy success stories who presented to leaders present during the tour and meeting.  The top photo includes Cedric Brown of the Cedric Brown Collection.

I am told that several bankers actually went online and purchased some of the innovative ‘peace’ message wrist band products from the HOPE youth entrepreneur Jaden Joiner, ‘founder’ of the new J Star Sparks Change company!  You can too, at his website here.  Below is an example of some wrist bands I purchased, along with me standing with Jaden’s proud mother.

JHB and HOPE success stories IMG_3525

SunTrust Bank was an original founding investor in the HOPE Inside Ebenezer location, and has led the way, in concert with the Financial Services Roundtable, in the launch and creation of our new and fast expanding HOPE Inside network nationwide.  We even have requests and orders for HOPE Inside and HOPE Inside Certified Plus locations around the world.

Operation HOPE has announced its plan to launch 1,000 HOPE Inside locations as part of Project 5117 through year 2020.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant



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