JHB and American Banker

7M plus viewers and growing, have tuned in to the new John Hope Bryant Straight Talk ‘Silver Rights’ Series on Facebook Mentions, on the Public Figures page for the entrepreneur.  More so, the people who are watching the series are beginning to take steps to ‘take their lives — back.’  Below is but one example.

Zena Knox sent in these photos and said the following about the John Hope Bryant series:

‘ You have so inspired me, I have placed three of your quotes on tea cups and cereal bowls for my nieces and nephews. I figured if I start teaching them about financial literacy at an early age, they will be better equipped to make sound financial decisions later on in their lives. Some of them are getting copies of your book as graduation presents. Thanks for all you do. You have me on a MISSION!‘  

JHB quotes inspires IMG_2075

It does not get much better than this. Impact, on the ground — and with real people. Impacting real lives.

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Let’s go…


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