At end end of two full days at Ford Performance Racing School, and thanks to excellent instruction and track conditions outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, I had a strong 1:50 second run on the West Course of the Utah Motorsports Campus, in a great ‘rabbit and mouse’ driving session.

Instructors normally get into the low 40’s (meaning, 1:42 to 1:44 range) on the same course, so I feel good that I almost broke 1:50 on my first day in a new car, and on a new track.  While the GoPro is primarily focused on my driving style and hoped-for smoothness in the driver’s seat, you can see some of the action with the white performance Mustang GT ahead of me.

JHB at Ford Racing

Before the instructor entered the track, I was the driver receiving ‘point-by’s,’ meaning I was the one passing others on track. This time, I was the one providing the ‘point-by,’ but I enjoyed the cat and mouse that followed.  The instructor being in front of me made me faster.  I am convinced that I could have gotten my time down into the 1:48 range with another track run.  Next time!

Check out the complete photo album from our time at Ford Racing School here on Facebook.

Let’s go…

Bryant Group Motorsports




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