Looks like we have a legitimate movement on our hands.  More than 2.5 million viewers, and counting (it increases daily) have chosen to log on to my ongoing Straight Talk Silver Rights on my Facebook Public Figures Page, using Facebook Mentions (Live Video).  More than 1M viewers have logged in over the past 2 weeks alone.

And they are voicing their opinions – and not just watching. They are leaving robust and (mostly) substantive comments, they are affirming what they have seen with tens of thousands of Likes per video, and most heart warming to me, they are Sharing the videos in the tens of thousands as well.  One video alone has more than 250K views and 5K Shares!  This is what you call ‘active engagement.’   

Additionally, Page Likes has increased to well over 25K, and all of this is since March 2nd, 2016, or about 2 months!  Sign up, Like and Subscribe here. And tell a friend. This is the new Silver Rights Movement.

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant

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