More than 4.5M viewers have signed on and viewed the Operation HOPE inspired, John Hope Bryant Straight Talk Silver Rights Series since I launched it on Facebook Mentions on my Public Figures page on March 2nd, 2016, or approximately 90 days ago.  The empowerment messages featured in the 5-20 minute on average video shorts is punchy, to the point, unbiased and instructive, in helping people to move their lives FORWARD. This is why people from throughout the United States, South Africa and around the world are increasingly signing up and signing in to the Series.  It is hope, made real in people’s lives.

Additionally, as of today the Public Figures Page has received more than 45K Likes since March 2nd, 2016, and both of these measurements continue to grow weekly.

This is the Silver Rights Movement

“Civil Rights was waged and won in the streets, while Silver Rights will be waged and won in the suites.  Civil Rights was primarily about race and the color line, but Silver Rights is focused on doing something positive about class and poverty.”

 This movement will be broadcast, digitally.  It starts right here, and right now.  Sign up and tell and friend to do the same. Please Like the Page and Subscribe here.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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