A special thank you to ech be everyone that sent in personal video message for and around my 50th birthday, which was February 6th, 2016. The names are too numerous to mention, but I will tag all that I can on the Facebook post of the same video. 

I m truly humbled, and thankful for the love. This birthday occurred in the backdrop of our most successful HOPE Global Forum in our history (more than 3200 Delegates) and the renaming of the former US Treasury Assex Building into the Freedman’s Bank Building, across from the White House. 

It continued that birthday weekend with partner SunTrust Bank featuring Operation HOPE as part of their SuperBowl ad and #onUp campaign for financial wellbeing, the most explosive growth for Operation HOPE and our Silver Rights Movement in our history, and now a new Silver Rights, Straight Talk Series on Facebook Live with more than 1.2M viewers to date — and climbing.  One thing I know for sure now ~ this movement is real. 

Hope you enjoy watching the birthday video. It certainly warmed my heart. THANK YOU, all. 

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant

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