A special thank you to each and every viewer of my new “Straight Talk” Silver Rights Series with John Hope Bryant on Facebook Mentions.  More than 2M viewers — and more specifically more than 2.2M viewers — have checked out one of the specialized videos that focused on specific aspects of life, love, leadership, success, failure, our (often uncomfortable) realities, and achieving our true aspirations in this life.

A call the series a new type of ‘reality tv for grown ups,’ 

Real talk. 

Real help. 

Real positive. 

Full throttle empowerment. 

Unscripted, unrehearsed and authentic. 

Unbought and unbossed (a Shirley Chisholm quote). 

No talking and mouthing off ~ WITHOUT A PURPOSE. 

A new kind of conversation. 

Let the conversation — begin.  Here.  Join in. Sign up to the Video Series Live, and Like the Page. Tell a friend.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant and the Operation HOPE family

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