JHB and American Banker
A special thank you to all of you, who signed on to my new Public Figures Page on Facebook, and my Live Videos Series housed there.  Since I started this series on March 2nd, 2016, in Austin, Texas, through this morning, there have been over 1M viewers and leaders who have connected with our growing Silver Rights Movement!

Basically, it is a Straight Talk series — directly from my voice and directly with me, complete with live Q & A.  I could not be more humbled and appreciative of the responsiveness and the passion from viewers.  

When you log on and check out one or more videos, you will see a good deal of viewer engagement. Likes, Shares, Comments and Commentary.  One of the videos I did while in Africa recently has more than 200K views alone, and the video on the lost history of the Freedman’s Bank has more than 500 ‘Shares’ on Facebook alone.

Thank you for believing, and supporting our movement. The civil rights movement was faught and won in the streets, but the silver rights movement will be waged and won in the suites.  This movement will be broadcast — digitally.

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