When you are the founder of an organization, you have almost a parental perspective with regard to most everything that happens within that same organization. You feel like you must ‘own’ everything; which means you feel bad about the bad things that you had nothing to do with, and you feel immense pride about every ‘good turn,’ of that same organization.  Every time the organization ‘does good’ to and for others, you feel good yourself — deep down in your soul.

And so, you can imagine how I felt when I received a copy of this letter.  As the other side of any worthwhile organization, doing good in the world, is you have to attract investors, and it has to be run extremely well — constantly.  And insuring that your ‘founder’s sense of excellence in everything’ gets translated and embedded into every department of the organization is real work.  

Well, a 4-Star Charity Navigator Rating for a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization is just about the highest compliment an organization can receive for its fiscal, organizational and programmatic leadership, and management.

A proud ‘founder’s day’ for sure.  Proud of my Operation HOPE team.


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