I was super jazzed to learn that my friend and race car owner Dr. Tim George, who also owns the car that today powers Lotus Racing, decided to feature the Operation HOPE ‘financial literacy’ and financial empowerment brand on its race car recently during an IMSA race at Sebring Raceway in Florida.

Operation HOPE is the nation’s only national nonprofit financial services network for the underserved, whose mission is “building an economy for all.”  Something we at Operation HOPE call our silver rights’ movement.   As I will explain in a future post, there is a lot of common ground between auto racing and financial literacy, as auto racing and racing cars is ‘all a math equation.’ It is psychics, engineering, math and so much more — than ‘speed.’ It is strategy, tactics, critical thinking, focus, confidence, and leadership.

Thank you Dr. George, who is one of the leading surgeons in the world today, for helping to put financial literacy on the hearts and minds of people, at Sebring and with IMSA this past weekend.  The best is yet to come.

Let’s go…
John Hope Bryant

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