The Wrong Way to Quit

There is absolutely a right way, and a wrong way to quit your job, if that is your wish.

This week, on air MSNBC newscaster  Melissa Harris-Perry became a newsmaker herself, when it was learned she sent out a widely distributed email deriding and complaining about senior management for the network.  The intent of the email, I assume, was to publicly make known her seemingly reasonable frustrations.

Let’s assume here for the moment, that she had every reason to be both disgruntled, and significantly disappointed.  This being the case, this was still the absolutely wrong way to quit.   The media leadership community, like every other high level leadership community, is a very small world.   And half of success in life, as I will detail in my next, upcoming book, is what I callRelationship Capital.

In her email note to senior management, Ms. Harris-Perry, whom I respect and admire for her passionate, piercing and thoughtful on air work and ‘voice,’ made at least two mistakes.

Read the full and complete article here at LinkedIn Influencers.


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