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Inspired by my friend and media personality Roland Martin just about three weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at a first person Live Video Series on a new service called Facebook Mentions, which lives on my Public Figures Page at Facebook.  What happened next surprised even me.

More than 5K Likes almost immediately to the Page is cool in such a short period of time, but just about 500K people and leaders have viewed the Live Video Series over this same three week period!  Here are 5 diverse examples of the Live Feed, now saved on the Page below:



The Empowerment of Women, Part I. 

What Matters, In Addition to ‘Black Lives Matter’

What is John Hope Bryant — ABOUT?

This new format and ‘Leadership & Life’ Series seems to have hit a nerve with people and leaders, and as a result I will be doing more of it.  I try to contribute daily to the series, but given my business and travel commitments it will be at least weekly contributions of new, fresh, first-person and relevant content.  Relevant to your life, and our shared world.

All content is Live Video Streamed with NO rehearsals, NO script, and NO ‘message’ management between me and the viewers I am speaking to.

You can log in, ask questions in real time, and I will respond — in real time, or immediately after the broadcast.

Let me know what you think. Weigh in with your comments and thoughts. Share with your friends, colleagues and networks.  Let’s begin now, ‘a different kind of conversation.’

Here is a link to all videos on my new Public Figures Page at Facebook.   Please Like the Page, and Subscribe to the Facebook Mentions Live Video Series, and join the movement.

The phrase Words Have Power on a Blackboard

This next movement will be digital, and it will be broadcast.

I call it the Silver Rights Movement, and my primary vehicle to deliver on it is through the nonprofit organization I founded, Operation HOPE.

Archives of all videos, from this and other speeches and sources, are also saved and archived on my YouTube page here.  You can subscribe and follow.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant



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