This morning’ interview with the co-hosts of CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ in Manhattan, New York, focused on the recent renaming of the Freedman’s Bank Building, inspired by a request from Operation HOPE, the recent HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Ga, which included 3200+ Delegates from 25+ countries, and represents the largest gathering of leaders in the world focused on the empowerment of the poor and underserved.

The interaction discussion also discussed what Operation HOPE is doing to create a path to getting a job (internships through HOPE B- Business Compact), and creating a job (entrepreneurship through HOPE Business In A Box Academies) for youth nationwide, and in places such as South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

The discussion concluded with Bryant explaining how our growing HOPE Inside network of locations, mostly within bank branches, will continue the unfinished work of President Abraham Lincoln’s Freedman’s Bank of 1865, and how specifically, HOPE Financial Coaches are working with clients to increase client credit scores, helping to make individuals from underserved communities — ‘bankable.’

A special thank you to Andrew Ross-Sorkin, Joe Kernen and Becky Quick, co-hosts for today’s show, for their total and complete engagement in the topic.

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