This was the first ‘all drivers’ on track, no instructors, rolling start, full speed session at Road Atlanta, on the third and final day of race training with Skip Barber Racing School.

As you will see, the dogfight begins around minute 2:30, I get passed (missed a key shift) at around minute 3 or so, we bunch up again around minute 4:30 (my best missed chance to pass),  and I take a less than ideal driving line coming out of turn 7, allowing the slower driver in front of me to get away from me momentarily.  Starting around minute 5:15, I ultimately took the initiative and momentum to pass the grey racing Mazda Miata MX5 in front me of, but not before the GoPro ran out of battery life (smile).

I was  able to make ground and pass a few drivers before we wrapped up, ending in the lead group of fastest and smoothest drivers for the day.

A great day.

Bryant Group Motorsports


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