I and we were deeply honored to have U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to provide the main Keynote Remarks at our 2016 Annual Meeting of HOPE Global Forums, for Operation HOPE.

Here, Secretary Lew outlines and lays out a practical yet bold national ‘financial inclusion’ public policy vision for our nation.  Secretary Lew begins speaking at the 5:1- minute mark.  Watch for yourself, and please share with friends and colleagues who care.

Secretary Lew’s formal remarks from this day can also be found here.

U.S.-Secretary-Jack-Lew and JHB

We also gave Secretary Lew a special HOPE Silver Rights Vision Award, for his leadership in renaming the former U.S. Treasury Annex Building, to the Freedman’s Bank Building, across from U.S. Treasury and the White House.

This represents only the second time in U.SA. history that a federal building was renamed on the 18 acre White House campus. This was all the result of Secretary Lew’s leadership, encouraged a little by and through a request from Operation HOPE and myself.  We thank him. History, thanks him.

John Hope Bryant and Operation HOPE


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