BGM Racing HelmetSome people do not make the connection between me and motorsports, and specifically auto racing.  But the reality is, there are great similarities between a race car driver, and a leading edge CEO.

Here are Just a few of the simularities between race car drivers and business leaders:

  • Strategy
  • Math and physics
  • Laser like focus
  • Precision
  • Courage
  • Consistency
  • Persistence
  • Passion
  • Intuitive decision making

And then there is what I refer to as ‘that quite white space’ that only comes from being at one with your purpose, your passion and your core mission in life.  It happens when you become centered in whatever you are doing.  When I am in a race car, and I trust myself and relax, I become one with the car, the road and myself.  The only way I can explain the feeling, is like meditation at 125 MPH. The below video does a good job of explaining the magic of ‘clarity,’ whether in business or in a race car.

And so, while I am passionate about motorsports as my chosen sport and as an athlete, it also ‘speaks’ to me, and strengthens all of my most essentials skills and instincts in business too.  And best of all, auto racing is just about the only sport where you literally cannot multi-task; mentally, physically or otherwise.  It requires your total attention.

A lack of true focus, on a race track and in life, has consequences.

The addition of focus requires real commitment and true courage, in life and in a race car, and underscores the true authenticity of the leader.

In other words, there is no faking leadership here.

Lessons, all around.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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