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The world knows Tony Ressler as an enterprising and visionary entrepreneur, who built several companies, most notably Ares Management, from boutique operations respected in their space, to in the case of Ares, a now $115B global leader in financial services, real estate, private equity, asset management and business ownership.

Or those here in Atlanta would know Tony Ressler as the new majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

I serve on a public board within Ares Management (Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation traded on the NYSE), and I also spent some time sharing observations with Tony on his planned acquisition of the Atlanta Hawks (I thought then and now that he would be a very good owner of the team).

But what impressed me the most about Tony — beyond his success in business, and helping to create jobs here and around the world — was his focus on providing best-in-class education for those at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder.

And like everything else with Tony Ressler, when he does something, he does it with substance, scale and a large vision. He brought these same skills, this same passion, and this same focus to his work in and around education.

We are honored to welcome Tony Ressler as a speaker at the HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting for Operation HOPE 2016, this week in Atlanta, Georgia.  Tony will sit ‘in conversation’ with HOPE Global Spokesman Ambassador Andrew Young.

This will be one of the first times that leaders and leadership here in Atlanta will have a chance to meet and hear from the new majority owner of the Hawks.  That’s a good thing, too.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant





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