How we Rebuild our American Shrinking Middle Class?

December, 2015


In 1971, the Middle Class was 61% of the U.S. population.  Today, the Middle Class is estimated to be at 49.9%, or less than 50% of the American population for the first time in my lifetime.  This is not only not good news for America, I suggest that it is also one of the primary reasons driving the following trends:

  • Strange and growing support for a fear-based voice in the American Presidential election cycle today.  A voice that is feeding on fear, financial insecurity and a sense that 'aspiration is no longer working for them.'  And while this fear is in some parts true, the voice has resonance because hope is dying.

  • Increased radicalism of everyday young Americans, unable to find a place of aspiration in America as their parents did.

  • Increased volatility of urban America, and the quality of life for those who 'aspire' for a better life.

Powerful statistics and trend lines like this one, are but one of the reasons why I have focused so much of my attention and energy on advancing Operation HOPE's Project 5117.  Project 5117 focuses on...

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John Hope Bryant


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