State Assemblyman Michael Blake: Appreciation to U.S. Treasury for the Renaming of the Freedman’s Bank Building

December, 2015

"I am proud to support the U.S Treasury Department’s decision to rename the Treasury Annex Building the Freedman’s Bank Building, an institution established by President Lincoln to develop the economic potential of freed slaves.

As former director of African-American and Minority Business outreach for President Obama, I want to extend personal thanks to Secretary Jack Lew for prioritizing this important renaming. I would also like to praise the tireless efforts of my good friend John Hope Bryant in raising awareness and making this a reality. We must reorient our historically divisive racial narrative with symbols of hope, freedom, and unity. Renaming the Freedman's Bank accomplishes this imperative.

As New York State Assemblyman for the 79th district in the Bronx, my vision has been predicated on a 3,2,1 strategy: the three E’s of Economic Development Education, and Equality for All, the two ways of achieving this, by strengthening minority and women owned business enterprises and focusing on creating a career-oriented education vision, and the one vision of changing the socioeconomics of the South Bronx to transform it into the urban metropolis of the world. We are committed to changing the dynamic in a tangible way, elevating our minority and women entrepreneurs as an example of the economic and social strides experienced in our community.

With the symbolic renaming of the Treasury Annex Building to the Freedman’s Bank, we are making clear steps towards changing old perceptions and forging a future for our children that is both more unified and understanding."

Assemblyman Michael Blake

Assembly District 79, State of New York

Assemblyman Michael Blake

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