Reynard is world renown for his open wheel Formula series race cars, and I was lucky to climb in the cockpit of one recently with my friends at Fantastic Racing in South Africa.  Above is one of the on board videos taken from a nose cone camera.  My best time on this track in this car was a 1:12 minute lap, which is decent for this track given it was my first time there. With a couple days there I believe I could get my time in this car down below a 1:05 minute lap, which would be competitive.

Zwartkops is a tight, 1.5 mile road course that, because of its technical nature and tight design, tends to be a slow track.  Staying above 100 miles an hour anywhere but the long straight away is a struggle, but it was fun, challenging and rewarding nonetheless.

Other videos from Bryant Group Motorsports can be found here, on my new dedicated BGM YouTube Channel.



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