I am totally stunned, to learn of the passing of my friend and incredible leader in the Middle East, Soraya Salti, who I knew both as a fellow Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum, and the CEO for Injaz-Al Arab, JA Worldwide, which was the Middle East region’s representation for Junior Achievement. But Soraya was so much more than this position.  She was a light in and for a troubled world.

I did not know her sister Jumana Salti, but if she was anything like her sister Soraya, then she was also no doubt a net contributor in a troubled world.


Soraya was of one the few people I have ever met in the Middle East (or anywhere in the world for that matter) that had such unique and valuable combination of presence, leadership and substance.  When it came to the topic of youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy empowerment for young people in the region, I simply did not believe that my work was necessary — wherever she operated.  I could simply leave it to Soraya Salti, knowing that there would be best-in-class work being done on the ground, for people.

Soraya ~ was an important thought leader in the region.

Soraya ~ was a force of nature.

Below is but one of the many inspiring videos of Soraya, sharing her vision for the region.

When you watch the video, you will also see the powerful and empowering inspiration, and the role modeling, she provided likewise for women and girls throughout the Middle East region.

My heart goes out at this difficult time to the families of both Soraya and Jumana Salti.  The world has lost two sheroes, and the Heavens have gained likewise.

Soraya and Jumani have certainly been ‘promoted.’  Gone on, to a better place.

We must all now become their living legacy.

With profound sadness, and respect.

John Hope Bryant



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