"When you cannot find a job, create one.” John Hope Bryant, founder, Operation HOPE

People keep telling me, "John, I cannot find a job with this big Fortune 500 company, or that big Fortune 500 company."  I remind them that while big companies do a lot of important things right - from incredibly important aspects of GDP, to American competitiveness and global growth -- hiring lots of people as a growth strategy is not one of them.  That my friends happens to be the role of entrepreneurs, small business and start ups.  Most job growth comes from start ups, shoot ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses in years 3 through year 7.

Half of all jobs in America are 100 employees or less, and 70% of all jobs in America are 500 employees or less. 99% of all jobs in the 12th largest economy in the world -- Los Angeles -- are companies with 100 employees or less.  

In so many ways, we are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Here is the American Dream, for $500.00 or less.

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