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November, 2015


A friend of mine called me about advise, tied to their frustrations of running a young, fast growing entrepreneurial company where a good portion of the people around them 'didn't get it.'   She 'wanted them to get it,' and was going crazy when time after time -- they did not.

All of this was beginning to wear on her spirit, and as a Young Global Leader, this person was use to dreaming big and executing even bigger.

I explained to this person that 'these people may never get it,' but it was super important that they did.  Know what you can control, and more so -- what you cannot.  And then focus like a laser beam on the things you can 'move.'  Changing and adapting (and changing out) the rest as time called forth.  The message they finally got, wisely, was this:  "I needed to learn to Let Go." Precisely.

This piece, was inspired by those confidential conversation, trying to help a friend not go 'perfection-nuts' in the process of growing and building something great.  I hope you like the piece. It seems to resonate with a large audience, who is feeling precisely the thing that this brilliant YGL was feeling. More than 10,000 leader-readers on LinkedIn alone thus far, and more than 150 thoughtful comments, and increasing.

You can access the piece, entitled Lessons for Leaders: Learn to Let Go, here at LinkedIn Influencers.

Read it.  Share it with friends. And of course, let me know what you think.

Let's go...

John Hope Bryant


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