Years ago Operation HOPE became a partner with First American Corporation, one of the leading title companies in the country.  As time passed and leadership changed, the company had the chance to push away from their commitment to Operation HOPE, and others.

Around the same time, the company literally split in two two separate companies; namely First American Title for title insurance and CoreLogic for data and other areas of specialization.  And then understandably, with this structural change, the corporate leadership changed again.  This time, a gentleman I knew very little at the time, Mr. Anand Nallathambi, became CEO and once again, they could have pushed away from the leadership table. But, they did not.  In fact, they doubled down.

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Recognizing the true importance of our work, the company pulled even closer to the leadership table, asking ‘how can we help.  How can we contribute in a unique and important way?.’  This they certainly have done over the past half a decade or more.

In a commitment approaching $4M in total value since 2007, CoreLogic made available their state of the art Call Center in Southern Californiaat no cost to Operation HOPE. This done to serve as a base for our growing list of vitally important virtual and voice-based services nationally.

This commitment began with them supporting our HOPE Coalition America response to Hurricane Katrina in 2007, allowing our team to serve the people impacted there and across the country, as well as our team on the ground in the Gulf region.

More than 300,000 survivors of Hurricane Katrina was served through our collaboration with CoreLogic.  This established HCA as the largest provider of response and recovery services to survivors of Katrina than everyone other than the federal government and the American Red Cross.

Then came the subprime mortgage crisis of 2009, and once again CoreLogic and their leadership was there, working with HOPE quickly to establish the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline in partnership with then City Council President, my friend and now Mayor Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles.

More than $1B in subprime mortgages were restructured, at no cost to the consumer and homeowner, because of this priceless collaboration between HOPE, HCA and CoreLogic.

Next came the innovation called HOPE Inside, which brings our best-in-class financial empowerment tools and services for consumers and communities alike inside of bank branches, credit unions, grocery stores, government offices, academic institutions, hospitals, retailers, hotels, utilities and other locations where our target market client (those making $50,000 or less) can be found.  And even with the impressive and growing list of on-the-ground location commitments for HOPE Inside from corporations, government, civil society, academia and community, we simply cannot be everywhere. Once again, there was a pressing need for virtual and voice connected services.

And once again, here comes CoreLogic with yet another commitment to provide critical backbone support services through their state of the art national Call Center location in Southern California.

This commitment allows HOPE to intake, process and support literally thousands of incoming calls, making sure that people in need do not fall between the cracks at the time of their greatest need and emotional fragility.

HOPE Inside is now a recognized national partner with HUD, CFPB, FDIC, SBA, US Treasury for MyRA, FEMA, the IRS for EITC and others.

All of this said, CEO Anand Nallathambi and the CoreLogic leadership team have never, not one time, requested, needed or asked for recognition.

And this is precisely why I chose to highlight CoreLogic and the CoreLogic family today as my personal HOPE Partner Profile.  Precisely, because they have never asked for it.

If we only had 100 partners like CoreLogic, we could literally change the world in which we live.

I am also proud to say that today, Anand and I are good friends, with him now serving on our HOPE Global Board of Directors.  At a time when many choose to criticize corporations and their leadership — I am glad to be able to commend one ‘for doing good.’

Thank you Anand Nallathambi and the CoreLogic family.

Let’s go…  There’s more work to do.

John Hope Bryant








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