There are no adequate works to express my deep pain, and my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families of those who have lost deeply here, with respect to the recent tragedy and senseless terrorist act which has recently hit Paris, France.

This is a senseless act, by a heartless and cowardly attacker.  They say this is war, but they attack defenseless citizens of the public who did nothing to them, just like the likewise senseless acts by cowards in Kenya.

The world will need to stand up to these bullies, but for the moment,  I and the world stands with our friends and loved ones there in Paris.   At this moment there is only one message — we are with you.

What we are seeing and experiencing today in the world, is the slow death of hope. But this can be reversed.  

I am dedicating myself to this reversal.

A personal and heartfelt condolence to the people of France, from me, Operation HOPE and Global Dignity.

John Hope Bryant




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