A thankful salute to Steve Bartlett for his service…

October, 2015


Republican. Texan.  Congressman. Mayor of Dallas. Businessman. Former CEO of the FINANCIAL SERVICES ROUNDTABLE.  This is Steve Bartlett that the public knows, and there is no obvious reason that Steve and I would end of being great friends.  Even partners in a new movement of silver rights for all.  But, we are precisely that.  "Good friends."

What people don't know is that Steve Bartlett is also a Christian, a public servant, a lover of Africa, and the African-American struggle of civil rights and social justice, and an all around good man, focused always on 'doing well and doing good too.'


And so it was fortunate for me that it was Steve Bartlett that answered the telephone when I called the FINANCIAL SERVICES ROUNDTABLE in Washington, DC to ask their members to commit $5 million to fund the construction and start-up operations of what is now known as HOPE Inside @Ebenezer. Steve raised more than $4 million in three weeks time.

Later, Steve Bartlett joined the HOPE Global Board of Directors and simultaneously became the founding Chairman for the HOPE Inside National Advisory Board.

After helping me and my team to ramp commitment of new HOPE Inside locations to well over 150 to date, with 50 open and operating locations, Steve has now transitioned out of this role and our board, now focused on other challenges and opportunities in his amazing life.  And we are thankful to have had the benefit of his focus, leadership and passion.


Steve leaves behind a great legacy, a stable organization in place, and a road map for us to follow going forward.

Steve Bartlett will always be an extended member of the Operation HOPE, and mine.

Thank you Steve Bartlett. Your vision, lives on.

Let's go.

John Hope Bryant



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