I was honored to stand recently with my friends at PNC Bank as they announced the newest HOPE Inside, Cleveland location, at PNC Fairfax Connection in Cleveland, Ohio.

The location has been operational for only a short time, and our people there are already producing real results on the ground, for real people.

I am also pleased to announce that th PNC family has also become an Annual Member of Operation HOPE, committing $200,000 to support our broader financial literacy and economic opportunity work.

We are deeply honored to have the important support of PNC Bank.

A special thank you to PNC Bank’s senior leadership team, including William S. Demchak, CEO, General Counsel Gregory B. Jordan, PNC Bank Cleveland Regional President Paul Clark, and executives including Richard L. Devore, Michael J. Taylor, Michael Labriola, Collette Appolito and in particular, the head of the foundation Sally McCrady.


You can find a link to the complete Flickr album on the opening of the HOPE Inside, Cleveland @PNC Fairfax Connection here.

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