I got a real treat last week when I showed up for a race car driving school lesson and session in a Formula Mazda last week at Driveway Austin in Austin, Texas.  As I pulled into the facility I immediately spotted a gleaming Lotus Racing race car trailer.  Those who know me, know that I love my custom Mansory Lotus Evora GTE car which is my daily driver whenever I am in Atlanta.

My executive assistant Charmela Freeman thought it would be a special treat to surprise me when I showed up for the lesson, knowing that this was also the professional race car driving team that once owned an drove the Lotus Evora competitively in one of two professional teams in the United States. Well, Charmela was correct.

The SDR/Lotus Racing Team was owned by respected professional race car driver Bill Dollahite, and the car was driven by Bill and later by his son, professional race car driver Scott Dollahite. The Lotus Evora seen here was driven competitively in series badged car #11 throughout the country.

Unfortunately, the Lotus factory stopped supporting this and other teams driving their cars and so the team, like Alex Job Racing that also ran the Lotus Evora, is no more.  But the amazing car, lives.  And it is simply beautiful.

I was further surprised to discover that the race car itself was owned by motorsports enthusiasts and part time race car driver Dr. Tim George, who is one of the top pediatric neurosurgeons in the world.


You can view the total Flickr gallery from my visit at Driveway Austin here, and me driving the various Driveway Austin race cars here.

A great day on the track, and with new friends.

John Hope Bryant

Bryant Group Motorsports


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