Our HOPE Business In A Box Academies are beginning to churn out future entrepreneurs for America. In fact, some of them are graduating real entrepreneurs, right now.  According to my friend and HOPE Global Board Member Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, young Mouhamed is one of those young entrepreneurs in the making.

Young Mouhamed won a pitch event for HOPE Business In A Box in his school, pitched at our Annual Meeting, and then was invited to a private lunch with Mr. Clifton.

Here (below) is what Jim had to say about that inspiring lunch, and the young man.

IMG_0241 (1)

Well—he is one of the most outstanding young Americans I have literally ever met anywhere in the world—thank God he is an american. He will create unlimited economic energy and jobs wherever he goes.

He is an incredible self-made man—earns 100-150 dollars a day in his own retail business selling a narrow group of food and drinks to customers—he also has the highest grade point average of all the freshman.

At lunch he asked me about investing in his new venture, and he knew all the numbers off the top of his head.  I am very interested in backing him—I asked him what the plans are for this company he is creating and he said, “I am going to build the biggest retail organization in the world.”

Mouhamed is 14 years old.

Jim Clifton

Chairman and CEO


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