Announcing a new member of my Operation HOPE Executive Team: Ms. Anita Ward

October, 2015


I am very pleased to welcome Ms. Anita Ward into the Operation HOPE family, as our new Executive Vice President for Strategic Transformation, Marketing & Development.

In short, Anita's job is to both help me, Bill Walbrecher and management to transition the organization from what we call the 'old HOPE' business model, to the 'new HOPE' business plan.  Additionally, she will help me operationalize my vision for innovative development and growth, and work with Rod McGrew and others are marketing and brand.  One of her priorities is internally focused, and the remaining two are externally focused, and I am confident she can do all of it well.

Anita is a corporate (and cultural) anthropologist (this means she understands and reads people extremely well).  She is also a pioneer in the field of culture, transformation, technology, and change management. Leveraging anthropological methods, she solves problems by placing an understanding of people at the core of business decision-making. The analytical processes are people-centric whether she is determining the DNA of an organization, deciding how to implement technology governance, fundraising for charity, reviewing product design, or marketing services.

Anita comes from the famed Cleveland Clinic, where she was Director of the Healthy Brains Initiative for the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

A special thank you to my chief of staff Rachael Doff, who introduced me to Anita.  We are honored to have Anita Ward on our executive team, and I am proud to have her as one of my closest advisors and new 'doers.'

Read her complete announcement here.

Anita Ward Joins Operation HOPE as Executive Vice President for Strategic Transformation, Marketing & Development

LOS ANGELES – October 13, 2015 – Financial dignity leader Operation HOPE is pleased to announce the hiring of Anita Ward as executive vice president for Strategic Transformation, Marketing & Development.


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