The slavery of payday lending

September, 2015

2015-09-11 13.24.41

This is the Truth In Lending Disclosure from an actual Operation HOPE client's pay day loan contract. (The client has agreed to let me take a photo as long as they could remain anonymous.)

Here is the run down:

The person Borrowed $300.00

The interest Rate is: 620.189%

The Total Interest Paid will be: $945.00

This is a 2 week loan that has been extended 2 times (total of 6 weeks).

The Total Amount paid back will be: $1245.00 !!!

And THIS -- is what we are fighting to dismantle at Operation HOPE, with Project 5117, and with our 'silver rights' movement.  A special thank you here to HOPE Inside Counselor Crystal Nickson for her help here.

Spread the word. Hope is on the way.

John Hope Bryant

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