A SimRacing win at Sonoma GP

September, 2015

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNpIKnWXdM8&w=560&h=315]

For anyone wondering why professional level online motorsports, or 'simulated racing,' is becoming important to even top line professional race car drivers (who are themselves professional athletes), this video of a recent win by me racing against a very intelligent computer AI (artificial intelligence) at ProjectCars should help to explain.  I will also write something specifically about simulated racing at another time, so stay tuned for that.

This was a 10 minute race, but by the end I was genuinely worn out, raised temperature, sweating and adrenaline to match.  In other words, the same exact sensations I experience while driving an actual race or track car, on a real, world renown race track here in the states, and in Europe too.

The current generation of simulated racing platforms, with the right equipment on your side, nearly perfects the 'emersion experience.'

This race at Sonoma GP in Northern California takes places, like all cutting edge simulated racing around the world, on precisely accurate laser scanned tracks. This means that when you drive on the simulator, and you finally get to the actual track, you feel as if you completely 'know it.'  Emersion.

In this race, driving the #51 Porsche GT3 car (which is an amazing vehicle), I qualified well and as a results I enjoyed a frontline position on the grid.  This helped me get out front early and lucky for me, to stay there.  You will notice some rubbing of metal in lap #1, which I try to avoid here, as I would of course also try to avoid on the track.  I take driving seriously here, as I no doubt take driving very seriously on the actual tracks, and in the actual car.

I have driven a Porsche GT3 before, and this action was very life-like and true to form with the real car.

I ultimately created a 2-3 second lead which I maintained to the finish line.  I will say, driving on Project Cars is simply training for me as I prepare to drive with iRacing,  where they issue an actual racing license and you drive with the same race sanctioning bodies as you experience in real road racing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this quick race, and a 'peak' into genuine simulated racing.

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