John Hope Bryant and Ms. Lora King, daughter of Rodney King, in Los Angeles

John Hope Bryant and Ms. Lora King, daughter of Rodney King, in Los Angeles

Earlier today on Facebook, a young lady I have come to admire posted the below message, which I then shared with others in my circle.  The writer is Ms. Lora King, daughter of the late Rodney King, who triggered what we all now know to be the Rodney King Riots.  The same riots, that gave birth to Operation HOPE.  The worst urban riot in U.S. history.

Ms. King is a professional today in her own right. An accountant I believe, at a major accounting firm, but I am sure she also has understandable pain tied to her father’s passing.

I am sure she has pain tied to people judging her, based on her father.

But none of this is her message today. Her message today — is hope.  She is looking pas ego and hurt and blame and pain — and color. She is looking at humanity, and wanting only the best for it, her, and each one of us.  This is a message, we should all applaud and support.

If you know Ms. Lora King, send her a note of encouragement.  If you don’t, to her point below, send yourself one (smile).

Let’s go…

Ms. Lora King — daughter of the late Rodney King — got this 100% right. All should listen.

Proud of her.

Lora King

Get out of the illusion and wake up ! Take advantage of your life! Some of us have reached an age that so many will never see. Stop complaining. …eat right if you tired. Get a job if you tired. Help someone mentally. It’s mental. I am at that point when I became tired so yes I am starting and have started WITH ME! You can too stop making excuses for everything. Stop being sad all the time. Speak life over your life man!

Sorry ya’ll I am just at a point in my life. I am upset. …upset because all ppl not just black or white. Sooo many ppl past away ( for whatever reason) . But they died fighting. My question is ” Can we all get along”? Seriously! !!!! Because if we could ..This place ..right here ..right now could be amazing. …”

I’m not perfect never claimed to be. Have a beautiful day and figure out how to help before you open your mouth and judge. If you can’t help. Figure out how to be the best YOU before you expire!!

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