JHB and Rod McGrew at the Wedding
This gentleman is what a dear friend looks like. His name is Rod McGrew, and today is his birthday, which gives me an excuse to brag about him and to share with the world some of more amazing attributes.
Some know him as the chief of brand and marketing at Operation HOPE, but that does little justice to the man.
Rodrick McGrew, more lovingly referred to by his friend and those that love him as Rod McGrew (please don’t call him Roderick – smile), is quite the renaissance man.
Business manager for Stevie Wonder, during 8 of the most amazing years of Stevie’s career rise and highs.
Business manager for Barry White, and CEO of Barry’s record label at the time.
Business advisor to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar early in his career.

Consultant to NASA (yes, NASA…).

Technology patent holder.

Voice on the movie classic, Car Wash.

The first General Manager for KJLH Radio Station in Los Angeles, owned by Stevie Wonder.

Top Jazz radio personality in Los Angeles, then nationally.

1M+ investor in an African nation project to create jobs with Rev. Leon Sullivan, through his African/African-American Summits.

1M+ investor in an inner city beverage company in South Central Los Angeles following the Rodney King Riots.

The FIRST official volunteer for Operation HOPE in 1992. There are more than 23,000 HOPE Corps volunteers today.

A family, man grandfather, husband, brother and a dear friend.

God’s child.

Well, you sort of get the picture. Rod McGrew is my brother, and my friend. He has been there for me, and with me, for 30 years now of my life.  And mine, his.  Never once, was he not there for me — nor the Operation HOPE family. Nor his community, or to my knowledge — his family or a friend in need.

Anyone would love to have a friend like Rod McGrew, and I have been honored to have him as my dearest friend, for more than three decades now.  And I am honored and so very happy, to wish my brother and friend Rod McGrew the happiest of happy birthdays today!

John Hope Bryant

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