Every year I select a word.  Last year, my word was Intentionality, and for 2015, that word is to Curate, and I am the chief curator of my own life. But what am I curating? It’s a movement, a movement of silver rights.  But this time the movement is in the suites, not the streets.  And this movement, will require a new constituency.

But this constituency — principally business leaders, but also leaders from government, community, faith, academia and the media — has no idea that they have a role to play.  And they have no idea that I am coming their way.  And so, I have to frame, organize, think through, plan, articulate and execute a new movement of silver rights empowerment for all.

My baseline is the organization I founded, Operation HOPE, as the operating platform. The centerpiece of a new movement to empower all, with new tools, for a new era.  But the infrastructure, is not enough. The systems, are not enough.  What people need, what the world increasingly needs — is a vision that they can buy into. Something that they can do, and a canvas of and for that vision — that includes all loving people.

And so, my work in 2015, is to curate.  To execute — on the things I have been thinking about and working on for more than 20 years no.  And to what end, you might ask?

My mission — is to curate a new movement, of silver rights, centered in ‘sustainable, transformational change — at scale.’

This is what I am about in 2015.  I hope that you will join me.  You can find a place for you, to curate your own commitment for change, for our present work through year 2020. We call it Project 5117.

Okay, let’s go.

John Hope Bryant


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