Today I looked a fear down, and overcame it. Almost seven months ago I went off the track at Road Atlanta during a track day event. 

This weekend I returned to this same track with my friends at Chin Motorsports, aided by private instructor Mark Hicks, General Manager of Chin Motorsports.  But more so than a return to the track, I had to return to turn seven on the track at Road Atlanta. The exact place where I met the tirewall late in 2014.  I had to face my fears, and I did.

Not only did I drive Road Atlanta this weekend, and not only did I deal with the famously difficult turn seven on the track — without question the tightest, slowest and one of the most technical corner on the course — my performance on turn seven throughout the day was some of my best work on the entire road course.

Whatever is your ‘turn seven’ experience is in your life, return to it, deal with it, and then put it behind you.  

Make your weakness, your strength.

Okay, let’s go.

John Hope Bryant

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