My First Car Show….and That Look

June, 2015

[caption id="attachment_14753" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Mansory Lotus Evora GTE at Caffeine & Exotics Car Show, Atlanta Mansory Lotus Evora GTE at Caffeine & Exotics Car Show, Atlanta[/caption]

Last week I participated in my first car show, and I loved it. The car I designed and entered, a 2010 Mansory Lotus Evora GTE, was a hit with the attendees and car enthusiasts -- young and old alike.

I love standing off to the side, and seeing how car gave joy, giggles and smiles to adults, families and children alike. It was like they were transported into another place, and the car helped them get there. For a moment, there were not the obvious pressures of life. There was only the magic and the joy and the beauty of it all.

[caption id="attachment_14754" align="alignnone" width="1024"]A boy captured in his own moment with the Mansory Lotus Evora GTE A boy captured in his own moment with the Mansory Lotus Evora GTE, at Caffeine & Exotics, Atlanta[/caption]

I loved seeing how my new car had an impact on others -- I did not know, and in most cases, had not met. Whether it was the 80 year old driving the mini-van next to me, or the kid with the camera hanging gently on the door of my car so he could snap a picture, aided by his father. It was all fun to watch.

My Lotus had been 'in development' for half a year, and it was nice after all this time to unveil it before the discerning public.  And to have them embrace it so, was so very cool.

Lotus at Caffeine & ExoticsThe car is now back with my team at Magnum Collision, the Lotus/Lamborghini of Atlanta dealer and CarTunes for some last minute finishing touches, but soon you will see it both around town, and across the nation featured 'here and there.' My goal was to create the most unique road going Lotus Evora's in the country. You will, I am sure, let me know if I succeeded. Smile.

[caption id="attachment_14758" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Caffeine & Exotics, Atlanta Caffeine & Exotics, Atlanta[/caption]

To see the full Flickr collection from the Caffeine & Exotics, Atlanta show, check here.

The Project Team: 

A special thank you to Mike McConville of Magnum Collision, which is the only place in the southeast states to take an exotic vehicle in trouble. Mike was my project manager, and now he my lifetime friend.

A special thank you to Jason Cummins if Buckhead Imports, who handled all of my engine work. A detailed outline of the work to come, but suffice to say, this is no longer a normal, naturally aspirated Lotus Evora (smile again), thanks to Jason and his team. And she sounds great too!

A special thank you to Brandon at Lotus/Lamborghini of Atlanta, Dak at CarTunes, and my friend Tony Marzullo of Gas Motorcars, who handles all of my car purchases, sales and searches. If you are looking for a car purchase you can trust, that's my friend Tony Marzullo, and saying that, is saying a lot. A good man.

Let's go....


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