John Hope Bryant and Chelsea Clinton at CGI Morocco

I am so proud and pleased to see that CGI America is coming to my home city of Atlanta in 2016.  Hats off to our Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed for pulling this off.

As I reflected on this, I was reminded of my last time with the CGI family, just last week for CGI America in Denver, where Operation HOPE announced a major commitment around our new HOPE B- Business Compact.

Or reflecting on the time before that at CGI Africa, in Morocco, where I shared the stage in the opening luncheon session with my friend Chelsea Clinton, vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, and we spoke about our work on the ground in places like South Africa, where we partner with JP Morgan Chase and others, or in Saudi Arabia where we work with SEDCO Capital, or in the UAE where we work with the Emirates Foundation.  Our sharing the progress of our global focus on making financial literacy curriculum available free for all, and in multiple languages, through the Wikia-HOPE Global Money Initiative.

And so, as one of the 100 or so individuals who were founding CGI Members that have attended all CGI meetings over the past decade, I am super thrilled to see that CGI America is now coming to my home city of Atlanta, Georgi in 2016.

CGI and the Clinton Foundation are doing incredible work in the world.  I have seen its impact myself.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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